Charlie Doyle Memorial Regatta

GDRA began hosting a regatta in 1995, a head race with a 2000-meter course on the Great Miami River between the I-75 and Helena Street bridges. Originally known as the Five Rivers Fall Regatta, it was renamed the Charlie Doyle Memorial Regatta in honor of founding member Charlie Doyle, who passed away in 2007. The regatta was held every year through 2016. After that, construction work in 2017 to replace the Helena Street bridge and, in 2018-2019, to replace the Keowee Street bridge left the regatta on hiatus.

When we returned to hosting the Charlie Doyle Memorial Regatta in September 2021, it became an all-new, virtual event. Now, we are glad to welcome rowers from all over the world to enjoy racing with us!

The regatta offers two options for virtual competition: live racing on Concept2 rowing machines (requires a PM5 and the free ErgRace app) and asynchronous racing on the water. The live portion takes place at a scheduled time, with a live announcer on Zoom, enabling competitors to see each other. Rowers may do the asynchronous portion on their own schedule and at their own venues on the designated weekend.

The virtual regatta has a 3000-meter distance. For live racing, there are also team events (2x and 4x) in which team members row a total of 3000m, and another live racing option is a 500m 1x event. In the asynchronous racing option on the water, rowers race 1500m in one direction, turn around, and race 1500m in the other direction, thus doing one piece upstream and one piece downstream; rowers must start the second piece within 5 minutes of finishing the first piece.

Competitors may participate in both options and may compete in as many events as they are eligible to enter. When making entries, competitors will choose from the categories of Junior, Junior Lightweight, Open, Open Lightweight, Masters, and Masters Lightweight.

Winners for each event live category receive a custom Dunkin’ Donuts gift card with the event logo, winners, name, event, and winning time. The top three finishers in each live and asynchronous event receive a virtual certificate in .pdf format.

After expenses, a donation of 25% of the proceeds from this regatta goes to the Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Many thanks to everyone who competed in the 2021 Charlie Doyle Memorial Regatta! We hope to (virtually) see you again in 2022. Results are on the Charlie Doyle Memorial Regatta page at

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